The masculinization of the face is often the final set of procedures transgender men will undergo to realize their transition. While the procedures do not include the growth of facial hair, they will provide transgender men with a defined masculine facial structure.

If you are a transgender man living in-and-around the Miami area, allow Dr. Christopher Salgado and his team at the University of Miami to complete your transition.

Masculinization of the Face

The surgical masculinization of the face will use several procedures to alter the entire area, from the forehead to the creation of a protruding Adam’s apple. The final results will vary on factors such as:

  • Age
  • Duration of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Ethnic and racial background

Adam’s Apple Enhancement

Through an incision carefully made in the throat, Dr. Salgado will use cartilage to create a more defined and protruding Adam’s apple.

Forehead Augmentation

The shape of the forehead will be augmented and lengthened to create a stronger, more masculine-looking forehead. Augmentation can be done with implants or temporary facial fillers.

Chin/Jawline Contouring

The girth and angle of the mandible will be surgically enhanced. Dr. Salgado may include a Genioplasty and Mentoplasty to produce a more extended and masculine chin.


Dr. Salgado will use augmentation techniques to advance the projection and width of the nose. The augmentation can be performed with implants or facial fillers

Cheek Enhancement

To masculinize the cheeks, Dr. Salgado will use augmentation to create a square and angular cheekbone.


Before the procedure

The Consultation

Dr. Salgado will meet with you for the initial consultation at the University of Miami. You must share your goals, along with your complete medical history with him. Once a surgical plan has been discussed, Dr. Salgado will base his surgical techniques to complement the natural features of your face.

Preparing for the Procedure

Smokers must quit at least one month before the surgery. The consumption of alcohol must be avoided for at least twenty-four hours before surgery as well. It is advised to refrain from these vices for at least one month to avoid any complications as you recover.

If you are also under any medication such as ibuprofen and aspirin, Dr. Salgado will ask you to stop unless specified by your doctor.

On the night before surgery, it is important to fast for at least eight hours. However, Dr. Salgado may give you the clearance to take small sips of water.

During the Procedure


Dr. Salgado uses general anesthesia for his surgical procedures to ensure you are pain-free and unconscious for the duration of the surgery.

After the procedure


You must get plenty of rest during the recovery period. It is important to keep your head elevated and apply a cold compress every day for the best results.

Your bandages must regularly be changed. It is recommended not to take showers but instead, take baths with the bandages on to avoid any potential damage.

If you opt for rhinoplasty, you will be advised to breathe through your nose if possible however typically the mouth is used. You must also refrain from any strenuous activities to protect the soft tissues of the nose and prevent bleeding.

Your casts will be removed after a week. You can expect the surgical sites to swell, however able to see your results within the first couple of months.


Unfortunately, surgery poses several risks such as:

  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Nerve damage
  • Soreness

Scarring is an expected consequence of surgery. Your incisions will mature however at six weeks only 30% of your wound is healed. Dr. Salgado will carefully place his incisions to make sure that the scars are well hidden around sections of your skin.


The final costs of your procedures will be estimated by Dr. Salgado and the University of Miami staff. Our team will do as much as possible to keep costs affordable while maintaining quality and care.

The overall costs will be determined by:

  • A professional surgeon’s fee
  • Surgical facility fee
  • Anesthesia fee

Insurance Issues & Financing

Most insurance agencies do not cover surgical procedures that masculinize the face. However, our financial team works very hard to obtain insurane coverage for all of our procedures if possible.


The surgical masculinization of the face is often used as a means to finalize the transition for many transgender men. The effects will also ease the anguish many transgender men will experience from gender dysphoria (Gender Identity Disorder). Although less common than Facial feminization it is performed with increasing frequency.

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