Because of the natural contours of the natal male form, Body Sculpting may be an option for many transgender women. Body Sculpting oversees a number of surgical procedures that are designed to enhance the shape of the body into a curvier, more feminine silhouette.

If you are a transgender woman who is in need of Body Sculpting, Dr. Christopher Salgado and his team at the University of Miami are here to put the finishing touches to your transition!

Body Sculpting

Dr. Salgado and his multidisciplinary team of experts will utilize three procedures, which can be done together or individually.

Liposuction and/or Liposculpture

Brings out the feminine shape and contour of your body by surgically removing unwanted pockets of fat from your midsection and waist, and if desired transferred to your outer thighs. Dr. Salgado uses an individualized approach to each patient and will tailor his surgical plan to highlight the natural features of your feminine body.

Gluteal Enhancement

Commonly known as the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift,’ this procedure enhances the feminine shape and contour of your waistline and buttocks by using fat and tissue that has been taken from unwanted areas of your body and transferred to those areas that will enhance your feminine shape such as your buttocks.

Silicone Removal

An additional procedure for patients who have had sought cosmetic treatment in the past. In many of these cases, patients were left to turn to fillers and silicone that are strongly not recommended and has often led to pain, infections and at times surgical removal. This can lead to severe complications as the silicone may travel to unwanted areas of the body. Dr. Salgado has developed a staging system for the problem and a surgical treatment to decrease your symptomatology. These have been published in peer-reviewed journals and many surgeons across the nation are now using his technique.


The final cost of your procedure will depend on the number of surgeries needed in order to reach your overall goal. The staff at the University of Miami will determine the costs. As much as possible, Dr. Salgado will do what he can to keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing the quality of your final results.

The total cost will depend on factors like:

  • Surgeon fee
  • Medical center and facilities
  • Anesthesia fee

Insurance Issues & Financing

Most insurance agencies do not cover the costs of cosmetic treatments such as Body Sculpting. Due to our commitment to provide you with the best Sexual and Gender Health procedures, Salgado Plastics will acquire coverage for patients in need.

The MTF Body Contouring Procedure

During your initial consultation with Dr. Salgado, it is important to bring up any concerns you may have regarding the procedures. You must also share the details of your medical history along with the current status of your health.

The method Dr. Salgado will employ depends mainly on the natural shape and size of your body, as well as your goals. So it is vital to come with an open mind and realistic expectations about the outcome of each procedure.

Heavy smokers and drinkers must refrain from their vices for at least one month before surgery. It is equally important to keep these habits on hold as you recover as its effects may complicate and delay your recovery.

You must also cease from taking any medications, including ibuprofen and blood thinners unless specified by Dr. Salgado and your doctor.

In addition, it is advised that you not eat or drink for at least eight hours before surgery. Commonly you will have nothing to eat or drink after midnight prior to your surgery day.

Dr. Salgado will use general anesthesia for the procedure or an epidural catheter. However, if specified, local anesthesia through IV sedation can be administered. This is all done by board-certified anesthesiologists.


Body Sculpting surgery for male-to-female transgender patients entails a number of complications that can arise from surgery, such as:

  • Excessive blood loss and clots
  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Hematoma
  • Fat embolism
  • Scarring

Serious complications are rare since the procedures are done at the University of Miami hospital which is a tertiary care center equipped to handle any situation. While the scarring will never completely fade, steps will be taken by Dr. Salgado and his team to ensure that your scars can be easily hidden underneath your underwear, swimsuit, and other layers of clothing.


Depending on the extensiveness of the procedure, the total surgery time can be anywhere from two hours to 8 hours.

You will be required to wear a compression garment for at least four weeks to keep swelling at a minimum. As you recover, it is advised that you get as much rest as possible for at least three weeks to avoid swelling.

It is also important that you avoid sitting for long periods to keep pressure away from the surgical sites if you have had a lipotransfer procedure to your buttocks. You may be required to sleep on your side for at least 3-4 weeks.

During your recovery period, it is imperative to refrain from any form of strenuous exercise and activity. You may return to work after two weeks, but it is recommended to resume normal activities after one month.

Ultimately, the recovery period varies from person-to-person, but it will take several months to heal. As your body begins to recover, the results from your Body Sculpting will be readily noticeable.


The individual surgeries that make up male-to-female Body Sculpting are procedures that are highly sought after by trans and cisgender women alike. The effects from Body Sculpting provide transgender women with a shape that is distinctly feminine.

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