For years, Dr. Salgado and his team have changed the lives of many patients who have sought his care. You can read some of their testimonials below.

Testimonial 1

Best plastic surgeon on the planet! Not only a good doctor but a good person, as well… Beautiful

Testimonial 2

Dr. Salgado is a very professional doctor, everything with my surgery went great. I did not have pain, the recovery was great and the result too. I’m very happy with how all came out.

Testimonial 3

More information on post-operation that complete recovery might take 6 months or longer. That scrotum will be swollen for a long time. Make patient aware of what might occur.

Testimonial 4

Un excelenta tea!

Testimonial 5

Everything went pretty good at hospital. Taken really good/excellent care of… Love the work Salgado and his team has done so far. Show my life is improving because of it.

Testimonial 6

Procedure was very successful. Dr. is very caring and always making sure his patient is seen by only of his assistance. His experience is beyond expectations.

Testimonial 7

All was going well. 5 Stars

Testimonial 8

The care I received was excellent. Dr. Salgado along with his staff was very professional and prepared. While staying in the hospital after surgery the nurses were very nice and not one time was I neglected. The results of the surgery were excellent! I would most definitely recommend Dr. Salgado to anyone wanting this procedure performed.

Testimonial 10

Del equipo de medica exelente of el trabajo del Dr. Salgado super excelente mi atencedio muy liease, me  explicaro todo al refecto de me operacion y todo muy professional.

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